Birds conservation island >>click

Birds conservation island   >>click

As an early-stage development tourism item, the island is located separately and deeply within the melaleuca forest, the island is cared by the very experienced birds experts who have created an aquatic environment and green plants space in here. The island, therefore, attracts a numerous types of birds in the nature to gather and to multiply in.

To get into this area, employee have to take tourists sit on a rowing boat, cross the small canals, go deep into the Melaleuca forest, this service is only for tourists who stay over night at the hotel, because you have to visit in the evening when the sunset has just fallen. The scenery on both sides of the entrance is surrounded by cool melaleuca canopies, vines canopy, especially with extremely rare  wild rice ...

Time to visit: 17:00 - 18:00 

Price : 50.000 vnd / 1 pax

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