Half-moon lake >> click

Half-moon lake  >> click

If you love something adventurous and wild scenes, Half-moon lake is the place to satisfy the passion. The lake has an area of about 22,000 meters, curves as the half-moon shape very impressively, is with clean and quite water surface. There is a long and narrow alum contaminated soil land right in the middle of the lake, which accidentally becomes a “little desert” with the opposite scenery to the vast waterway region. The lake and surrounding area remains wild and very few tourists have visited here that just creates the interesting thing attracting the exploration and discovery of tourists.

Usually, visitors mostly do not have enough patience and toughness to reach this place, because it is quite far from the main gate . But if you take the effort to reach this place, it will be an extremely interesting experience for conquest. You should note that because the location is too unspoiled nature, visitors should be careful not to destroy the hives & not to swim because the lake bottom is very deep.

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