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The southwestern area’s cuisine is a strength of restaurants in Tan Lap Floating Village Tourism Site. Restaurant staffs are well trained, together with skilled chefs, devotedly serve and create a variety of dishes, which are rich in flavors of the western area’s food style. Raw materials for dishes are from local products, which will satisfy the taste of tourists from different places. With the large campus surrounded by green plants and many flowers, Tan Lap Floating Village become an ideal place to hold outdoors events, birthday, celebration & wedding parties with the style and the culture of the western area.

A La Carte Menu : price from 45.000 vnd ( 1.95 usd)  - 350.000 vnd ( 15.00 usd) / dish ( 2 pax - 4 pax )

Southern- style buffet lunch with local specialites, only open on Saturday, Sunday & Vietnam public holidays

LOCAL SPECIALITIES LUNCH BUFFET MENU - Price : 200.000 vnd ( 8.80 usd ) / adult 


Grilled snake-head fish served with vegetables & tamarind sauce – Grilled corn served with green onion sauce – Grilled sweet potatos


Fried frog with fish sauce – Fried chicken swings – Braised snake-head fish with sugar caramel color – Rice congree served with salted eggs – Steam snails with lemon grass – Sour fish soup – Snake soup with mushroom - Fried rice with eggs – Steam rice


Green mango salad with dried fish – Boiled vegetables buds served with caramelize fish sauce – Various vegetables & herbs


Vietnamese Pancakes ( prawm & pork ) – Satled fish noodle soup ( prawn, fish & pork )


Steam banana cake served with coconut milk – Sweet green pea with coconut milk – Water melion - Guava


Water – Squash juice – Black coffee – Condensed milk

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