Historical establishment

Historical establishment

According to the explanation of the locals, Tan Lap floating village was once a year-round flooded land, the local people here used to get familiar with floods; they, therefore, did ever have the habit of building their houses on high mounds, the ground floor of their houses were built up higher gradually as the water level kept increasing. As a result, Tan Lap was named as the “floating village”. Nowadays, the local has been not residing in the village any longer since the local authorities approved of the project, which developed the village to become a key eco-tourism area of Long An province.

Located on Highway 62, Tan Lap commune, which belongs to Moc Hoa district, Long An province, is the central wetland of Dong Thap Muoi region, is 15 kilometers far from the Cambodia border to the south. Tan Lap floating village is up to 135 hectares wide; the buffer zone, which is about 500 hectares in area, is planned for building tourism items to become the center of tourism, entertainment and recreation.

The village owns a profound ecosystem of flora and fauna, which is preserved naturally, some species are preserved and in the special care in order that they can develop quickly and synchronously. Typically, cajuput trees have been planted over the past 10 years in order to create a vast green strip, popping up at the middle of the delta. In the flood season, the rice fields around are sunk into water. From the height looking down, Tan Lap floating village looks like giant floating green rafts, like a green island popping up out of the dazzlingly white water. All of it creates a natural picture with a very lively green color of the flooded forest ecosystem of Dong Thap Muoi region.

From very first days of establishment, the first executive unit was the Tourism Promotion Center, Long An provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the unit formed and developed a project with 11 basic constructing items including: sport-recreation-entertainment area, Dong Thap Muoi nature reservation area, wildlife sanctuary area, bird sanctuary area, fishing area, camping areas...

By August 2016, the tourism area was handed over to Thap Muoi Tourism Limited Company belonging to Tran Thai Real Estate Corporation, which continued to expand and invest in with the capital of nearly 325 billion dongs. The tourism project was with the full name as Tan Lap Floating Private Complex Cultural Zone. The investor has built an administrative area and 26 hotel rooms, alternated the observing tower 38 meters in height with an 8-storey hotel tower with 32 rooms inside the ecotourism area. In addition, the investor also developed other tourism items such as waterway cabled boat line, tram line, and the 3.6 kilometer long dike was also repaired serving for the demand of electric trains, double-ride bicycles of visitors.

Coming to Tan Lap Floating Village, tourists will have the opportunity to get in line with the nature, have the full and true view about the beauty harmony between the peaceful landscape and local people of the West waterway region. At any moment, visitors can feel the countryside flavor with green plants, sunshine, wind, flowers and birds which together create a very unique and pleasant feeling during an unforgettable holiday.

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